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Our Cloud Services - Live Grid Monitoring and Control Platform, offer real-time reporting operational benefits that propel future grid planning and control.

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The Edge Zero Platform

Our network management platform draws on real time data from Edge’s own monitoring devices and connected devices like smart meters, solar inverters and batteries to provide a complete grid view of the LV network.

The Edge Zero data platform is fully compatible with API links into existing utility operating systems including ADMS, GIS, DERMS. This removes barriers to implementation and improves the performance of existing network management systems.

Edge Zero’s monitoring and control platform

  • Strong ROI for network operators
  • Improved reliability and grid planning
  • Reduced network operating risk from the current rapid introduction of new solar, battery and EV charging assets

Edge Zero’s live electricity network monitoring platform and proprietary software

  • Smart power theft detection system
  • Improved affordability and reduced risk in grid forecasting and planning
  • Significant network ROI gains from targeted, data driven operating efficiencies and reduced asset management costs
  • Improved grid reliability and customer ROI through dynamic control of distributed customer solar, battery and electric vehicle charging assets based on real time analysis of localized LV network capacity and power quality constraints

Edge Zero offers a safe and efficient way to enable a smarter energy grid, allowing energy networks to coordinate and track new technologies.

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LV Monitoring Platform

The Edge Line Monitor is a compact distribution monitoring device for grid intelligence along the line. It is an intelligent, software-driven technology that provides monitoring of a wide range of power quality metrics, power quality alarms and monitoring capabilities.

Real Time Reporting

Authenticated administrative user access control for device management of new and existing monitoring devices
Live Grid State monitoring for active fault location tracking, outage visibility and disaster recovery
Phase imbalance analysis, asset transformer health analysis and condition-based maintenance
Detection of power theft and loss of neutral for power quality, voltage management and safety compliance
Demand response control of solar, EV, DER assets that enables nodal and TOU tariff pricing reform
Encrypted end to end data integrity and capacity for future system planning

LV Analytics Features

Live loading and monthly performance benchmarking

Load state analysis and Voltage state analysis

Transformer tap analysis and Power Quality analytics

Comparative analysis on transformer sizes, feeders and circuits

Feeder & circuit analysis and Reverse current analysis

Minimum / maximum load analysis

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    Edge Zero is an Australia-based energy technology company with a global engineering and software development team. We are scaling proprietary, cloud-based grid monitoring platforms that provide real-time visibility of the low voltage (LV) electricity grid through a network of transformer monitoring devices.