Business Case Development

Grid visibility supporting increasing solar adoption in Rural Electrical Cooperative

Location:           NE United States

Reference:        Pilot program



  • 40,000 customer rural network. Over 30MW rooftop solar, contributing 60% peak power. Unable to limit customer PV or EV installation or size.
  • No active visibility of power quality and fault detection below zone substation level.
  • 100% AMI coverage, reports kWh consumption on hourly basis with 10-12 delivery delay.



  • Edge Zero monitoring provides real time circuit and transformer level capacity and power quality data
  • Scalable pilot program with tailored use cases and KPIs



  • Edge data supports dynamic operating thresholds which interface with active DERMS and demand management providers
  • Improved power quality and fault detection
  • Improved customer service and experience


Edge Zero Advantage

  • Real time, real data visibility at an asset level enables accurate power quality data and fault detection
  • Actual asset level data rather than deemed utilisation from AMI and grid model calculations


Edge Zero is an Australia-based energy technology company with a global engineering and software development team. We are scaling proprietary, cloud-based grid monitoring platforms that provide real-time visibility of the low voltage (LV) electricity grid through a network of transformer monitoring devices.