Business Case Development

LV monitoring regulatory investment case

Location:           NSW, Australia

Reference:        Endeavour Energy AER Submission



  • Major 1,000,000 customer network with 35,000 LV transformers covering 29,000km of low voltage circuits
  • High and variable voltages across LV network caused by rapid deployment of rooftop solar
  • High voltage triggers inverter lockout at 255V and cause broader increase in customer consumption, higher CO2 emissions, appliance failures
  • Large scale solar deployment can result in localised phase imbalance


  • Edge Zero real time power quality, voltage and phase balance data monitoring at individual transformer and LV circuit level
  • Edge Zero platform automated notification of live fault and non-compliance power quality data to network operators
  • Edge Zero platform automated kWh, $ and CO2 savings calculations based on voltage controls and phase re-balance
  • Edge Zero platform prioritises voltage and power quality management remediation based on customers affected, cost of non-compliance, regulatory KPIs


  • Commercial rollout program for over 12,500 monitors across Strong NPV and opex savings through improved power quality, voltage management
  • Voltage management leads to reduced kWh consumption and lower CO2 emissions
  • Identification of actual/potential faults and reduced customer outages
  • Transformer loading analysis and improved transformer life
  • Improved customer satisfaction


Edge Zero Advantage

  • Real time, real data visibility at an asset level enables more accurate data calculation than deemed utilisation from AMI and grid model calculations
  • Live installation of Edge monitors reduces customer disruption
  • Real time, automated notifications to network operators
  • Automated cost-benefit analysis on remediation strategies
  • Live, asset level data supports regulatory case for augmentation capex/opex


Edge Zero is an Australia-based energy technology company with a global engineering and software development team. We are scaling proprietary, cloud-based grid monitoring platforms that provide real-time visibility of the low voltage (LV) electricity grid through a network of transformer monitoring devices.