Ev charging

Commercial Electric Vehicle charging program management

Location:           NSW, Australia

Reference:        Endeavour Energy



  • NSW State government mandates transition to electric buses by 2025; forecast to result in major increase in peak power demand at centralised bus depots
  • Peak power demand at West Sydney regional bus depot forecast to increase from 200KVA to over 3MVA
  • Bus depot located in centre of highly developed commercial area with congested MV/LV network


  • Edge Zero monitoring provides real time circuit and transformer level capacity and power quality data surrounding local zone substation
  • Edge localised data analytics supports least cost LV network capacity augmentation analysis based on bus timetable analysis and flexible charging scheduling
  • Edge real time asset level data supports dynamic real time EV charging schedule


  • Edge data analytics results in lower capex investment required, smaller transformer upgrade requirement and reduced conductor replacement
  • Minimised customer disruption through reduced grid augmentation
  • Real time, asset level data enables least cost dynamic charging program based on available network capacity
  • Precedent for regulatory support for future network augmentation for EV charging


Edge Zero Advantage

  • Real time, real data visibility at an asset level enables more accurate data calculation than deemed utilisation from AMI and grid model calculations
  • Edge Zero asset level data sets combine with bus scheduling and capacity data to optimise charging schedule
  • Edge monitoring enables local network planning and scenario analysis for new connections


Edge Zero is an Australia-based energy technology company with a global engineering and software development team. We are scaling proprietary, cloud-based grid monitoring platforms that provide real-time visibility of the low voltage (LV) electricity grid through a network of transformer monitoring devices.